Prevent A Dog Jumping on People

Dogs are social animals and many of them love people just as much as we love them.  One of the major concerns we come across at Sublime K9 is that dogs get so excited to see new people that they jump all over them.

If you just added a new puppy to your home, it is important that you prevent this from becoming an issue, especially if your puppy will one day be 120 lbs.  Right from the start it is important that you don’t reward jumping up.  Any time you touch your dog, it is praise to your dog.  Therefore, if your dog jumps up on you and you pet him or pick him up, you have just rewarded the behavior.  From day one, when your puppy jumps up on you, turn away and say “off”.  When your pup has all four paws on the ground, then you can go ahead and pet him or say hello.  You can also teach your pup to sit and ask him to sit before you pet him.  Conditioning is key and if your dog learns that he only gets attention when he is not jumping, then jumping will not seem like such a good idea.