The Key to Dog Training

Then you have the people you know in your life that all have an opinion on how to train your dog. It can be overwhelming to say the least.

I have studied dog training methods for many years and have done a lot of research and hands on work. From my experience, the underlying key to dog training is persistence and consistency. I know that this isn’t groundbreaking news but I think it is important to reiterate. No matter what method of training you choose, whether it be treat training to leash based training, if you do not use persistence and consistency it is likely that your efforts will be unsuccessful.

Just think about how your dog learns things without any effort. Take leaving the house for an example. You don’t need to train your dog to know when your leaving because you consistently do the same things when you leave. You put on a jacket, grab your keys and leave. Your dog is conditioned to know that when you do these things, you are leaving. So use this to your advantage in dog training. If you tell your dog to perform a command and then you follow with food, praise, toy reward every time your dog understands that every time you ask me to do this, I get that. If you are inconsistent, your dogs behavior will be too.

Are you more persistent that your dog? I always tell my clients, “You need to be more stubborn than your dog!”. If you tell your dog to sit and then when he doesn’t you say, “okay, whatever” and give a reward anyway, your dog learns that he can get away with things if he holds out longer than you. Sometimes dogs can be stubborn, but if you have an expectation, then you need to follow through with it. Don’t give that reward until your dog does what you have asked. It may take a few minutes to get the behavior you want, but it will save you from possible obedience problems in the future.