Dog Shaming

Where dog owners post a picture of their dog with a sign stating a confessional of what the dogs bad behavior was.  They are very funny and entertaining.  If you Google dog shaming, you will find a number of these pictures.  They are too funny and very cute, but I cant help but think of why the dog is acting out in that way.

I started to think about the top 3 reasons that dogs act out, or as we see it, are BAD:)  I came up with:


Boredom (not enough mental stimulation)

Not enough exercise

So many clients come to me stating that their dog is spiteful.  If dogs are truly spiteful, why are they such great companions, if they were, they would be like humans and hold grudges and be angry and all of those emotions.  If you truly analyze the situation or the bad behavior that occurred, you will probably be able to connect it to one of these top three reasons for bad behavior.  Why do you think the dog below did the damage to the door?

Why do you think this dog tore up the door?
Why do you think this dog tore up the door?

Probably a case of separation anxiety!

Here is another picture from googleing dog shaming.

Another case of separation anxiety?
Another case of separation anxiety?

To eliminate these behaviors, add in more exercise to your dogs daily routine, work on obedience or agility with your dog to stimulate the mind and address the anxiety issue, if there is one.