Top 7 Puppy Tips

Sublime K9’s Top Seven Puppy Tips

1)  Do not encourage jumping.  If your dog jumps on you, say off and walk away.  Teach sit and then ask your dog to sit when he jumps, then praise.  Do not praise or reward jumping up.

2)  If you are crate training, do not reward your dog for whining, barking, or acting up in the crate.  Wait until your dog is calm and quiet and then let him out of the crate.

3)  Do not encourage play biting.

4)  To see that your dog behaves well at the vet and groomer, touch your pups paws, ears and teeth often.  Use a high reward treat when doing this so that your pup learns to love these activities.

5)  Get your pup used to wearing a collar around the house.  They may scratch or fuss with it at first, but they will adjust.

6)  Don’t let your pup sleep in your bed.  Not only may your new pup have an accident in the bed (happens all the time), but you are also not acting as a leader by sharing that space with your dog.

7)  Do not reward bossy or excessive barking.  Ignore bossy attempts at getting your attention. If you know your dog’s basic needs are met, responding to this will only create an annoying, reoccurring issue.