Start Training Your Puppy NOW!

Typically people will get a puppy at 8 weeks of age and will think they need to wait to begin training.  In actuality, the younger you begin working with them the better.

At Sublime K9, we recommend beginning marker training with your dog right away.  Marker training is also known as clicker training, but at Sublime K9 we dont actually use a clicker, we use our voice.  Marker training is a force free method of training that gets your puppy thinking and can be used at any age.  Once your puppy learns the rules of marker training it is like a game to them that they get to play with you, their favorite person.  Not only is it fun for you and your pup, but it teaches impulse control and basic commands.

Marker training is an amazing way to train your puppy and builds such a strong bond between human and pup.