Searching Google for Dog Training Tips Confused Me More!

It is overwhelming and there are so many conflicting opinions and strategies that it ends up confusing people (and the dog) more!

We try one thing for a day or two and don’t have success, so we try a different method and keep changing it, hoping for one or more of them to combine and magically work.  I’m not saying that these websites and trainers offering advice are incorrect, many of their methods do work.  The problem is that dog training is very personal and every dog is different and requires a different style of training.

Dogs are like children to many of us.  As you know, there are many, many ways to raise children.  If you took everyone’s advice all the time you would make your self crazy.  You have to find the right style and methods that work not only for your child, but for you as well.  Its the same thing with dog training.  Your personality has to match the style of training or it wont work.  If you don’t feel comfortable with something, or truly understand why you are doing it, the likelihood of success decreases.  There are hundreds of different ways to train your dog, its about finding whats right for you and your pup and sticking with it.

Like people, every dog has a unique personality.  No two dogs are exactly alike and therefore will not respond to training the same way.  Finding the right technique for that particular dog is a skill and it is difficult to do this is you are a first time dog owner or have a difficult dog.

This is where the need for a professional dog trainer come in.  A certified dog trainer will be able to find the right strategy for you and your dog.  Its personal, one on one, and its tailored to your particular needs.  Call Sublime K9 Dog Training for a free evaluation to get started.  (631) 241-6482