New Puppies, Kids and Summer Fun

It is that time of year when kids are dreaming of a long summer vacation playing in the yard or swimming in the pool.  For those who have done well in school, a new puppy may be their reward for a great academic year.  For parents who are making such a decision, the summer is also the perfect time to get the puppy and the whole family on the same page in terms of training.

While puppies are a welcome addition to the family any time of year, the training of a new puppy in terms of being house broken can be more difficult in harsh winter weather.  The combination of a young puppy with extreme cold weather, massive snow fall and the various snow melt solutions that are used both by municipalities and neighbors create situations that are less than ideal.  While many get it done, it is not easy.

The summer months, with the warmer and more predictable weather, offers conditions that are near ideal for house training.  Additionally, having the children free of school affords them the ability to focus on puppy training so that they can learn the right way to raise and treat the new family member.  Also, they are able to participate in the daily care of the puppy that much more, increasing their own levels of responsibility and helping them to grow as individuals themselves.

When bringing a new puppy into the family fold, the training should be guided by professionals who can offer perspective and tips on who to best train the puppy in all aspects of family life.  This is another excellent way for small children to participate as they will learn how to talk and direct the puppy as well, something not easily done during the school year.  This will make the time the children and the puppy spend together that much more fun as well as helping to mold the family life to include the new pup quickly and easily.

Another positive aspect of summer puppy training is learning to help the little one cope with summer weather.  The acclimation to winter weather exists but because of the regular stories involving dogs and hot cars, the summer months offer lessons for everyone involved and help to ingrain in the family that pets have special needs in terms of weather that all must be cognizant of.