Congratulations on your new puppy or dog! You will not find a more loyal housemate than your pup.  They are truly wonderful creatures, but new dog owners often feel more overwhelmed and frustrated with their dog than in love. If you feel this way, you are not alone.  Your dog is overwhelmed with his new life too.  He either recently left his mother and siblings and moved into a human pack or he’s been let down by his former owner, thrown in a shelter and now has to start over.  Can he trust you?  Will you abandon him too? Will
There are so many amazing dogs out there, and of course, many owners would like to share the joy their dogs bring them by certifying them to be therapy dogs.  Imagine taking your dog to hospitals, schools, and community events all with the goal of making others happy.  The power of a dog’s love and affection has been proven to over time to heal.  If you have that kind of dog, here is what you need to know. What is a therapy dog? Let’s begin by clarifying what a therapy dog is and what they do.  A therapy dog is
Now that the weather is warming up in New York, pet owners are hitting the streets with their canine friends.   Studies indicate that a walk is not only good for your physical health; it also boosts your mood.  Therefore, you grab your ear pods and off you go on a relaxing walk with your dog. Then, you cross paths with another dog, a squirrel, rabbit, bird or even people and your dog transforms into an aggressive, scary beast.  At this point, your relaxing walk turns into a battle.  The dog lunges, growls and  barks. He may even leash bite or
[caption id="attachment_1151" align="alignleft" width="300"] Dog-on-Dog Aggression[/caption] There are different forms of dog-on-dog aggression. The type we’re discussing this month is aggression between dogs living within the same household. Anyone who has witnessed a fight between his or her dogs knows how disturbing the situation can be. Not only do dog fights upset the happy balance in the home, it can lead to injury to your dogs and any family member trying to break up the fight. (more…)
I recently read an article where a dog attacked his owner because she placed a sweater on him. The author claimed the attack was unprovoked and came out of nowhere.  I have a problem with this claim.  It is rare that a dog attacks without warning.  Owners simply don’t recognize the warning signs, choose to ignore them or inadvertently reward the dog for bad behavior. While it is difficult for people to believe, the first signs of dog aggression begin when the dog is a pup.  Puppies who shy away or hide from people are exhibiting behaviors that will likely
Potential adopters often overlook special-needs dogs because they fear the disability deems the dog untrainable or they feel the dog requires considerably more time and money than a dog without disabilities. Honestly, all dogs require time and money.  Unless an ongoing medical problem caused the disability, special-needs dogs do not require any additional medical care than a dog without disabilities. Special-needs dogs are resilient. While they may require different training methods, they do respond well to training.  (more…)
Sublime K9 Dog Training's most recent dog training graduates seen here.  Some of them are puppy graduates (no hat), which means they have finished our puppy preschool program for dogs under the age of 4 months, and the ones with the hats are from our more advanced programs.  To read their stories, click here Sublime K9 Dog Training Facebook page. (more…)

Training the Impulsive Dog

Posted by Jessica Freedman on September 14, 2016
Does your dog jump on you and your guests? Has she pushed past you on the staircase or on your way out the door? On your stroll around the neighborhood, does Fido pull and lunge at other dogs in an excited manner? You just might have an impulsive dog. The impulsive dog seeks immediate gratification. He acts on a whim with little thought of consequences. While some people believe this is a trait of certain breeds, others resign themselves to the fact that they will have to put up with the behavior throughout the dog’s life. We have good news for you. Both
Earlier today, we came across a social-media post from a dog owner who opted to outfit her reactive dog with a muzzle.  It pleased us to learn that most of the responders supported the dog mom’s decision to use a muzzle. The sight of a dog wearing a muzzle may be upsetting or cause alarm, however, this practice can prevent your dog from injuring someone, damaging your belonging or causing harm to him. Last month we provided information on different types of muzzles. This month we want to help you train your dog (or cat) to wear a muzzle.  Your
What is the first thing that pops into your head when you pass a dog wearing a muzzle?  Most people suspect a dangerous animal.  Contrary to popular belief, muzzles are not limited to aggressive behavior.  Pet owners are introducing muzzles to their dogs and cats for various reasons.  Below are a few scenarios for muzzle use.  Also included is information on different muzzles on the market. (more…)
Imagine you settle into bed after a long day and drift to sleep. Moments later, a loud shriek awakens you. You bolt from bed and investigate the ghastly sound.  In the corner of the room, something thrashes beneath a blanket. Frozen in place, you decide, fight or flee? In real life, this scenario would cause your heart to hammer in your chest.  Now, imagine the frightened character is your dog and the unknown creature is your newborn baby.  Can we expect our canine friends to know the difference between a new family member and prey?  The answer is no. How
A complaint we frequently hear from clients is their inability to entertain without their dog ruining the evening.  Whether dogs jump on guests, steal food, stretch out across the couch or beg during dinner, there is no denying our four-legged friends lack dinner-party etiquette. Therefore, we teach our canine clients the “place” command. The “place” command directs the dog to a safe, out-of-the-way place where he can relax without disturbing guests. (more…)

Marker Training 101

Posted by Jessica Freedman on October 23, 2015
Teaching your dog new tricks and commands should be fun for you and your pup.  Training should begin as young as possible and will continue throughout the life of your dog.  When a puppy is young, it is best to use a system of training called marker training. Marker training is a form of clicker training, but without the clicker.  At Sublime K9 Dog Training, we have found that many clients do not follow through with clicker training because of the need for a clicker at all times as well as treats.  To make it easier for success for all,

Achieving A Reliable Recall

Posted by Jessica Freedman on September 23, 2015
Will your dog always “come” when called? If not, your dog could be in potential danger. Long Island, known for its awful traffic, is crowded and most people live near a busy street. If your dog was to get out the front door, it is imperative that he comes back in the house when you say “come”. Along with the potential for the command to save your dog’s life, it also comes in handy in many other situations. If you knew you had a reliable recall, you could take your dog hiking or in public and have him off leash.
Every year on the 4th of July, as all of America celebrates our independence, our four-legged family members experience one of the most stress inducing days of the year. (more…)
New puppy owners will benefit from specialized training as they welcome new family members. Sublime K9, a dog training school based in Wantagh, NY, is pleased to offer their new ‘Long Island Puppy Pre-school’ for new dog owners in the Nassau and Suffolk regions. (more…)
Many issues that arise when dogs live with humans stem from one thing....coddling!  Read on to find out why coddling your dog can actually hurt instead of heal. (more…)
It is that time of year when kids are dreaming of a long summer vacation playing in the yard or swimming in the pool.  (more…)

Crating Philosophies

Posted by Jessica Freedman on March 1, 2014
Dog crates are an essential necessity for a number of reasons, especially for potty training. However, there is so much more behind the philosophy and psychology of crating a dog, than one would think. (more…)

What Is Socialization?

Posted by Jessica Freedman on February 11, 2014
You have just added a new puppy to the family and want to be sure that you start off on the right paw.  People will often tell you to socialize your puppy as soon as possible.  Many people think that means to bring your dog around other dogs. (more…)
Does this sound familiar.... "My dog steals socks and runs around the house with them in his mouth.  He knows hes not supposed to have it, but looks at me because he loves when I chase him." (more…)
It is overwhelming and there are so many conflicting opinions and strategies that it ends up confusing people (and the dog) more! We try one thing for a day or two and don't have success, so we try a different method and keep changing it, hoping for one or more of them to combine and magically work.  I'm not saying that these websites and trainers offering advice are incorrect, many of their methods do work.  The problem is that dog training is very personal and every dog is different and requires a different style of training. Dogs are like children

How Old To Train A Dog?

Posted by Jessica Freedman on July 29, 2013
This is such a common question that we get at Sublime K9 dog training company.  People may get a puppy as early as 8 or 9 weeks old and are looking for guidance. (more…)
Typically people will get a puppy at 8 weeks of age and will think they need to wait to begin training.  In actuality, the younger you begin working with them the better. (more…)

Top 7 Puppy Tips

Posted by Jessica Freedman on July 10, 2013
Sublime K9's Top Seven Puppy Tips (more…)
Some breeds are bred to be high energy such as German Shepherds or Jack Russell terriers.  Before you go out and get a dog make sure you do some research on the breed you are choosing to see that your energy level meets theirs.  A little research will prevent a mismatch like high energy dogs ending up with owners that are very laid back and mellow. (more…)
He was 30 pounds (at 1 year old), freezing, dehydrated and could barely move.  Tupper was brought into Wantagh Animal Hospital by a good samaritan, and the wonderful staff at Wantagh Animal Hospital nursed him back to health. (more…)
Tupper was found behind Wantagh Animal Hospital two years ago in a small Tupperware container. (more…)

Dog Shaming

Posted by Jessica Freedman on May 30, 2013
Where dog owners post a picture of their dog with a sign stating a confessional of what the dogs bad behavior was.  They are very funny and entertaining.  If you Google dog shaming, you will find a number of these pictures.  They are too funny and very cute, but I cant help but think of why the dog is acting out in that way. (more…)
The program takes about 30-45 minutes and is educational and fun. (more…)

Preventing Fear Aggression

Posted by Jessica Freedman on March 20, 2013
Signs to look for are hair standing up, growling, avoiding, shaking, etc. How we handle this in the beginning can determine how it will progress or not progress. Often, the natural human way to deal with this is to pet them, coddle them and say "it's ok". We are looking to comfort them. (more…)
Chubs is an adorable, sweet puppy that has a big personality.  Sublime will be working with Chubs on basic commands such as sit, stay, come, heel and down as well as basic manners such as no biting, jumping, and pulling on leash. (more…)

The Key to Dog Training

Posted by Jessica Freedman on March 1, 2013
Then you have the people you know in your life that all have an opinion on how to train your dog. It can be overwhelming to say the least. (more…)

House Training Help

Posted by Jessica Freedman on February 18, 2013
The four parts are: 1)  Crate training and supervision 2)  Regular schedule 3)  Feedback and discipline 4)  Cleaning up accidents (more…)
Dogs are social animals and many of them love people just as much as we love them.  One of the major concerns we come across at Sublime K9 is that dogs get so excited to see new people that they jump all over them. (more…)

Does your dog respect you?

Posted by Jessica Freedman on January 30, 2013
Your dog may absolutely love you but may also look at you as a playmate or buddy and not a leader.  Dogs are born with the need to be in a pack.  Since humans live with dogs we are now part of their pack. (more…)
Sublime K9 Dog Training would like to welcome Chubs a 4 month old English Bulldog to our training program.  Chubs is an adorable, sweet puppy that has a big personality.  We will be working with Chubs on basic commands such as sit, stay, come, heel and down as well as basic manners such as no biting, jumping, and pulling on leash. (more…)
The symptoms of this common problem may include whining, excessive salivation, barking, destroying items, scratching walls, floors and doors and trying to escape. (more…)

Choosing the right dog

Posted by Jessica Freedman on December 29, 2012
Go online and look at all the different breeds that you are interested in and see what the good and not so good qualities are that are common with the breed. (more…)

Crying in the crate

Posted by Jessica Freedman on August 23, 2012
Congrats on your new puppy!  You are probably feeling all kinds of emotions like joy, love, happiness and PANIC!  Its a lot of work having a new puppy. (more…)

My Dog Is Afraid of Thunder!

Posted by Jessica Freedman on August 16, 2012
This is so common.  Ive heard many stories from my clients of how their dog runs and hides in the bath tub when they are having a thunder storm. (more…)