These videos will provide helpful tips and techniques that you can implement / continue based upon your dogs individual needs. We will also be featuring videos of Dog Success Stories and their owners continuing with good training behaviors.

long island dog training videos

Safe Pet Tips for the Summer

As featured on News 12, Jessica Freedman of Sublime K9 Dog Training provides tips on keeping your pet safe during the Summer.

Dog Training Video 01 - Leash Tension

In this video Katie, from Long Island's Sublime K9 dog training discusses the importance of not exerting undue pressure on the leash in different situations you encounter with your dog on the walk.

Dog Training Video 02 - Separation Anxiety

In this video, Jessica of Long Island's Sublime K9 dog training discusses multiple techniques that you can use that will help curb anxiety in your dog.

Dog Training Video 03 - Increasing Distraction

In this video Katie, of Long Island's Sublime K9 dog training, discusses the importance of introducing distracting situations for your dog to see how the dog will react to commands when in a situation where lots of things are happening. Like the daytona 500.

Dog Training Video 04 - Controlling Entry

In this video - Jessica talks about actions & commands you can use with your dog to help control their reaction when visitors arrive. This is a common reaction from dogs as they are always excited to greet new visitors, especially someone they recognize. You can use these techniques to calm your over excited greeters.

Dog Training Video 05 - Dogs on Furniture

In this video, Sublime K9 owner Jessica Freedman discusses the importance of allowing your dog(s) on home furniture such as beds and couches. Dogs view these areas as #resting places like humans do. Disrupting a #sleeping / resting #dog can result in biting & nipping.

You can also view / download the video from our website:

Dog Training Video 06 - Therapy Dog Training

This is Kota, who recently passed the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Program. The Canine Good Citizen Program teaches good manners to dogs and responsible dog ownership to their owners. The 10-step CGC test is a non-competitive test for all dogs. Kota will now work as a grief dog at Moloney Funeral Homes. For more information on Good Citizen or Therapy Dog Training visit our website.

Dog Training Video 07 - Crating Your Puppy

In this video, Jessica discusses the benefits of using a crate when your dog is puppy. While not mandatory, it provides the dog with not only an area where you can place them when they are unsupervised, but also safe area where they can sleep / play with toys. It can also be used during home training exercises.