Nothing is more impressive than going to the house of a friend or family member and encountering a well-trained dog that has dog manners, responds to proper commands and is unobtrusive.
dog manners
Now, imagine that dog is your dog!

Your dog is the one that everyone talks about on your block, and in a good way.

Right now, your dog is this dog…

  • Barking at you or demanding attention
  • Dragging you all over on a walk
  • Counter surfing!  (he’s not stealing your dinner ever again!)
  • Jumping on guests
  • Nipping/play biting

After working with Sublime K9, this will describe your dog…

  • Understands when its time to relax
  • Walks politely next to you on walks
  • Does not steal things!
  • Sits politely or stays in place while people enter the home
  • Only chews or bites his own stuff

These behaviors are all categorized as dog manners.  A good dog with bad manners can lead to an unhappy life for human and dog.  Most dogs do not know how to live by human standards and need to be taught.  Our programs are designed to quickly teach you and your dog how to work together and live in harmony.

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