Obedience dog training is the foundation for building a strong relationship between you and your dog. It is fun and necessary for dogs of all breeds, even the little ones! It gets your dog thinking and learning and therefore leads to less boredom which leads to less problems. If you’re doing it right, your dog should be tired after working with you and look forward to the training sessions. Our Long Island Dog Training staff have studied and practiced the proper way to teach obedience commands to your dog so that the response to each command is absolute.
Obedience Dog Training
Many people think they are teaching obedience to their dog if they have their dog sit right before they give a treat or give paw. Sit is an obedience command, but will your dog sit without a food reward? Will your dog stay in the sit position until released? If not, then you probably aren’t conducting true obedience training with your dog.

Basic obedience commands consist of Sit, Down, Stay, Come, and Heel. Five simple words that would appear to be easy to teach to your dog but if not taught correctly it may take a lot more time and effort than necessary. While you may have some success teaching your dog one or two of these commands, a truly obedient dog will understand them and quickly react in the appropriate way to each.

The ability to train a dog to follow these commands is one that is gained over time and practice. Additionally, for your dog to learn these commands clearly and correctly there needs to be structured training. Most owners are juggling multiple responsibilities such as work, maintaining the home, raising children and all that entails as well as a myriad of other responsibilities that can pop up at any given time. This is where Sublime K9 can help.

Every Sublime K9 graduate learns these commands and we use it as a foundation to eliminate issues, develop relationships between human and dog and create balance and respect. They are the core focus of our trainers during sessions so that each session builds on the last and the learning of commands is efficient.

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