Excessive Dog Barking – What to do

Sublime K9 Dog Training would like to welcome Chubs a 4 month old English Bulldog to our training program.  Chubs is an adorable, sweet puppy that has a big personality.  We will be working with Chubs on basic commands such as sit, stay, come, heel and down as well as basic manners such as no biting, jumping, and pulling on leash.

For example, if a dog begins to bark to go outside, people are happy that the dog has let them know he needs to go out.  This can lead to excessive barking if the dog realizes that he gets what he wants anytime he barks.  Some dogs bark for attention, food and boredom.  As long as you know your dog’s needs are met, it is important to be non-responsive to excessive barking early on so that the dog does not become conditioned to bark for things.  If the barking is so out of control that it makes you crazy, redirect the dog to a different task.  You can go into basic obedience having the dog work a little.  Go into sit, stay, come, down and heel to name a few.  Basic obedience makes a dog think and causes them to become tired.  If you do this consistently the barking will become less and less.  They do make collars that can assist with barking problems although it is important to implement a training program while using these so that the dog is getting his needs met.  Finally, exercise your dog.  If your dog is getting enough exercise the barking will cease.  Many times dogs bark simply because they are bored.  If you don’t have the time to exercise your dog, then hire a dog walker.  Exercise is essential in raising a happy, healthy dog.