Does your dog respect you?

Your dog may absolutely love you but may also look at you as a playmate or buddy and not a leader.  Dogs are born with the need to be in a pack.  Since humans live with dogs we are now part of their pack.

In a dog pack there are leaders and followers.  Every dog in the pack has a place in order and understands that place.  This has been studied often and can be seen in wolf packs as well.  Dogs will always show respect for a leader.  If you have a dog you may notice that he or she treats people differently.  Your dog may listen and look to one person for guidance and may bark at another person as if to say “play with me, now”!  Here are some signs to look for to better understand where you fall in the pack according to your dog.

1)  Barks at you to demand to be pet, fed or for attention

2)  Humps you

3)  Does not listen

4)  Paws at you to be pet or get attention

If these signs are familiar to you it is possible that you are not highly respected in your dogs eyes.  Remember, this does not mean that he doesn’t love you, but it would probably be best to start expecting more from your pup.  That means having him sit before you feed him or before you go out for a walk.  If he wants attention make him sit and stay before giving it to him.  Just start making your dog earn things around the house by having him perform basic obedience commands to get things.  This is a start to gaining respect in your dogs eyes.