Tupper – Three Legged Rescue Needs Home

He was 30 pounds (at 1 year old), freezing, dehydrated and could barely move.  Tupper was brought into Wantagh Animal Hospital by a good samaritan, and the wonderful staff at Wantagh Animal Hospital nursed him back to health.

They were able to save his life, but one of his legs was in such bad shape that it had to be amputated.  Although Tupper only has three legs, he moves around like a champ.  He is fully trained in obedience and is able to sit, down, heel with the best of them.  He loves to play ball and RUN!!!Sublime K9 - #1 Dog Trainer on Long Island - Blog Pic - Tupper4

Tupper is a loyal, amazing companion, but needs the right owner.  Sublime K9 will work with the owner to transition Tupper into his new home.  He needs a confident and calm owner.  One that will continue to work with Tupper on obedience and be a pack leader for him.  He truly is an amazing dog that has had a rough life until this point.  If you would like more information, please call (631) 241-6482 or email to info@sublimek9dogtraining.com