Dog Trainer Profile: Katie McKnight

Sublime K9 Dog Trainer

Trainer Profile: Katie McKnight, CDT

Certified Dog Trainer
Certified in Canine Psychology & Behavior, ISCP
Studied Dog Emotion and Cognition, Duke University
Studied Treatment and Prevention of Dog Aggression

How long have you been training dogs professionally?
I have been training dogs professionally for 6 years.

How did you get started in the Dog Training business?

I volunteered as a dog walker for a local town shelter and studied under a dog behaviorist. The other volunteers and I wanted to prepare the shelter dogs for their forever home and ensure they never returned to shelter life. Waving goodbye to the dogs as they drove away with their new families was exhilarating.  Witnessing the terror on the faces of the new surrender dogs broke my heart. I wanted to bring them all home. Since that was not a possibility, I decided to help families before it got to the point that families relinquished their dogs.  I studied hard and had the best mentor in the world. I have the pleasure of working for my mentor, Jessica Freedman, at Sublime K-9 Dog Training ever since.

What is your favorite challenge in training? 
I adopted a one-year-old dog who was born blind. People thought I was crazy. This fabulous dog was an internet sensation. So many people wanted to welcome her into their homes, but feared the disability.  I believe her disability increased her desire to learn.  She is brilliant. I have had the pleasure of training dogs that are either blind or deaf.  There is nothing better than watching a disabled dog thrive and an owner’s amazement at their dog’s ability.

What is the best advice you can give Dog Owners?
Please remember that dogs are not human.  They do not think like us. They don’t act like us. They don’t speak our language. We must respect their species and learn how dogs think in order to teach them how to live in a human household.  You will never find a better friend than a dog, sometimes it takes some training to discover the greatness.