Good Manners Dog TrainingDog Manners

Nothing is more impressive than going to the house of a friend or family member and encountering a well-trained dog that responds to proper commands and is unobtrusive.Good Manners Dog Training will accomplish this goal for you and your dog.  Teaching your dog manners such as not jumping on people, excessive barking, leash pulling, play biting, stealing (socks, food, etc.), running away and leaving the yard are among these dog manners.

A number of these issues can be addressed by developing a relationship with your dog through obedience. Obedience is the foundation to build respect and clear communication. Also, such commands as off, leave it, drop it will help as well. Our staff of experienced trainers can teach your dog the commands and proper responses to these commands while teaching you and other members of your family how to effectively communicate these commands so that your dog understands and listens. We will also train you on the proper body language as well so that when you give a command your communication is clear.

Among our offerings for getting you and your puppy off to a happy life together are our in-home ‘Introduction to Puppyhood’ lesson will help you to welcome your puppy to your family and answer any questions you may have. As this class is conducted in the environment that will make up your puppy’s little world helps to make what is taught that much more effective. Our Puppy Pre-school mixes learning in an environment where puppies learn to socialize with other people and puppies so that as they learn the basic obedience skills necessary they also learn how to interact with people outside their family as well as fellow puppies. This series of classes, used as a follow up to our in-home ‘Introduction to Puppyhood’ creates the perfect foundation for what is the core learning years for puppies.

Although many people think that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, this is not true. We not only work on manners with puppies, but adult dogs as well. In all of our dog training and education sessions, we will give you the proper tools to teach your dog how to live in your environment that will last a lifetime. Depending on your dog’s personality and goals that you are looking to accomplish, we will help choose the correct tools while also implementing the proper teaching tools so your dog understands manners such as how to walk by your side instead of pulling you down the street.