Puppy SchoolPuppy Preschool

Puppy School for your pup! Sublime K9 Dog Training currently offers a puppy preschool program conducted in your home. This program is designed for puppies under the age of 4 months and the goal is to prevent problems and teach you how to raise a stable, happy dog. If you train your puppy right from the start, you will not need to address major issues in the future. We have found that the benefits to starting the training so young and in a quiet, easy to concentrate environment significantly outweigh the benefits of a chaotic puppy group class.

The program includes 3 one hour sessions, one on one with a trainer. The lessons are tailored to your specific needs, but will include housebreaking (we give you written instructions), basic manners (no jumping, nipping, stealing, etc.), basic commands and avoiding issues such as aggression and separation anxiety. You will learn the marker training system, which is a positive approach to training that your dog will love and you can use to teach your puppy any commands or tricks using these skills.

The three lessons are $255 and if you want to move onto advanced training in the future you would receive a discount on future in home lessons. Please contact us to set up an appointment and get started as soon as you bring your new puppy home.