Dog Trainer Profile: Jessica Freedman

Starting this month and continuing into 2018, Sublime K9 will be expanding our website and social media presence so that our existing & potential customers can get to know more about our Dog Training services and Our Expert Dog Training Staff. Trainer Profile: Jessica Freedman, Sublime K9 Owner Credentials: Certified Dog Trainer National K9 Certified Read More

Avoiding Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Congratulations on your new puppy or dog! You will not find a more loyal housemate than your pup.  They are truly wonderful creatures, but new dog owners often feel more overwhelmed and frustrated with their dog than in love. If you feel this way, you are not alone.  Your dog is overwhelmed with his new Read More

Becoming a Therapy Dog 101

There are so many amazing dogs out there, and of course, many owners would like to share the joy their dogs bring them by certifying them to be therapy dogs.  Imagine taking your dog to hospitals, schools, and community events all with the goal of making others happy.  The power of a dog’s love and Read More

Dog-on-Dog Aggression within the Home

There are different forms of dog-on-dog aggression. The type we’re discussing this month is aggression between dogs living within the same household. Anyone who has witnessed a fight between his or her dogs knows how disturbing the situation can be. Not only do dog fights upset the happy balance in the home, it can lead Read More

Training the Impulsive Dog

Does your dog jump on you and your guests? Has she pushed past you on the staircase or on your way out the door? On your stroll around the neighborhood, does Fido pull and lunge at other dogs in an excited manner? You just might have an impulsive dog. The impulsive dog seeks immediate gratification. He acts on Read More

Prepare Your Pup for a New Baby

Imagine you settle into bed after a long day and drift to sleep. Moments later, a loud shriek awakens you. You bolt from bed and investigate the ghastly sound.  In the corner of the room, something thrashes beneath a blanket. Frozen in place, you decide, fight or flee? In real life, this scenario would cause Read More

Teaching the “Place” Command

A complaint we frequently hear from clients is their inability to entertain without their dog ruining the evening.  Whether dogs jump on guests, steal food, stretch out across the couch or beg during dinner, there is no denying our four-legged friends lack dinner-party etiquette. Therefore, we teach our canine clients the “place” command. The “place” Read More

Marker Training 101

Teaching your dog new tricks and commands should be fun for you and your pup.  Training should begin as young as possible and will continue throughout the life of your dog.  When a puppy is young, it is best to use a system of training called marker training. Marker training is a form of clicker Read More

Dog Shaming

Where dog owners post a picture of their dog with a sign stating a confessional of what the dogs bad behavior was.  They are very funny and entertaining.  If you Google dog shaming, you will find a number of these pictures.  They are too funny and very cute, but I cant help but think of Read More

Preventing Fear Aggression

Signs to look for are hair standing up, growling, avoiding, shaking, etc. How we handle this in the beginning can determine how it will progress or not progress. Often, the natural human way to deal with this is to pet them, coddle them and say “it’s ok”. We are looking to comfort them.